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By housing a found stray in your home for just 72hrs, you can drastically help improve that pet's chances of finding their family and boost their immunity to life-threatening diseases!


what does the s.n.i.f.f. process look like?

To participate in our S.N.I.F.F. program:

  • Bring your found stray to our Adoption Lobby (at 2032 Circle Road, Waco) for a microchip scan.

  • Once we confirm no known owner, we will confirm that you are able and willing to house the stray for at least 72 hours, assess the pet's health, insert a microchip, and administer vaccines against life-threatening diseases, giving the animal a head start by helping protect their life and finding their home.

  • You will receive free crate rental and supplies from our pet food pantry to help support your S.N.I.F.F. generosity!

  • Though our aim is that the stray can find their home within 3 days (check out our Found A Dog page for more found pet marketing advice), you are entitled to a free shelter surrender at the end of the 72 hours.

    • You are welcome to continue fostering after 3 days! Just note that the surrender fee waiver is void after 5 days of S.N.I.F.F. and the pet will need to be intaken in order to be officially fostered through HSCTX.

    • Learn more about our Foster Program here.

  • If unable to house and help market the found stray, the surrender fee (if City is able to intake) will be $50 to the City of Waco shelter.

S.N.I.F.F. Contract Agreement:

Thank you for providing a safety net for your found neighborhood stray. The Humane Society of Central Texas will provide any necessary food and supplies to support your commitment. By agreeing to our S.N.I.F.F. Program, you will house your found stray for a minimum of 3 days. This time allows the vaccines to provide a base level of protection that can help save their life. If the stray's owner has not been found in these 3 days, you may surrender your found stray with the City of Waco Intake Dept. free of charge. S.N.I.F.F. is not incorporated with our HSCTX Foster network. Any emergency medical visits prior to surrender are the financial responsibility of the S.N.I.F.F. foster, though case-by-case aide can be requested through the HSCTX H.A.S.S. program. 

How S.N.I.F.F. helps our community:

  • By helping us learn about the pet over these 3 days, they’ll have a head start on the adoption floor. The more data we have about a pet, especially regarding their behavior and personality, the better we are able to market them for adoption.

  • Most urban strays are found close to their home.

  • Dallas study showed that 70% of stray dogs lived within 1 mile of where they were found, and 42% were found just 400 feet from home.

  • The shelter is not a catch-all for stray and unwanted animals; it is a last resort for animals that need to be there. Healthy stray animals need to stay in the community where their owners are more likely to find them, finders and owners can avoid shelter fees, and the animals will be returned home quicker than if they went to the shelter.

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