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HSCTX’ Human Animal Support Services (HASS) initiative is directly crafted after the national model powered by American Pets Alive! and is a modern approach to animal welfare that significantly enhances the lives of both humans and animals while fostering the development of stronger, more resilient communities. Recognizing the intrinsic value of the human-animal bond, HASS focuses on providing a wide range of essential resources and support services that enable pet owners to care for and keep their beloved companions.

HASS is committed to keeping pets in their loving homes by offering crucial assistance, such as:

  • food,

  • basic supplies,

  • reclaim fees,

  • and more!


These services not only alleviate the financial burden on pet owners but also reduce the number of animals entering shelters, minimizing the stress on shelter systems and ensuring that more animals can find their forever homes.


HASS promotes the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the animal welfare community, recognizing that all individuals, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to experience the joys and benefits of pet companionship. Through outreach and support programs, HASS strives to eliminate barriers to pet ownership and promote greater understanding and empathy among community members.


HSCTX’ Human Animal Support Services is a transformative and multifaceted approach to animal welfare that not only strengthens the bond between humans and animals but also fosters healthier, more compassionate communities. By providing essential resources, promoting responsible pet ownership, and collaborating with community partners, HASS is making a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of both people and animals, paving the way for a more humane and inclusive society.

Let’s Work Together

Contact our HASS Manager, Annie Hill, for more information about receiving help with food, reclaim fees, or other emergency circumstances.

254 - 754 - 1454

Monday - Friday

11am - 6pm

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