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To ensure that your inquiry is attended to appropriately, please review the following info to contact the correct department. The Humane Society of Central Texas and the City of Waco Animal Shelter are 2 different entities residing on the same campus. Please read the contact list below carefully.

Humane Society
of central texas



Our team is responsible for the adoption, foster, rescue, and volunteer programs that operate at the Waco Animal Shelter, as well as Human Animal Support Services.

HSCTX is a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization funded solely through the generosity of our community.


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city of waco
animal control


Calls for Animal Care (Control) Officers can include: Stray animals, Animal bites that break the skin, Loose, aggressive, or vicious animals, Animals in vehicles unattended, Cruelty/neglect cases, Wildlife/Animals in traps, & Common questions regarding City of Waco Animal Ordinances.

Note: officers are able to issue written warnings/citations for any violations they observe.

city of waco
intake department


Contact the Intake Dept for all reclaim inquiries for lost pets or to schedule a surrender appointment. If you are looking for a lost pet, it is always best to visit in person for immediate identification!

c.o.w. Intake HOURS:

Mon - Sat: 1pm - 4pm


Mon - Fri: 11am - 5pm

Saturday: 11am - 4pm

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