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Frequently asked questions:

Is someone interested in adopting your foster?

Great! If someone is interested in adopting your foster, please follow the steps below:

1.) Inform the Foster Coordinator so that they can make an official record in the HSCTX system.

2.) Have the potential adopter meet your foster animal. This can be done at the shelter, or of a place of your choosing. Note: If the potential adopter has young children or dogs, the meeting must take place at The Humane Society with a staff member present.

3.) If the meeting goes well, have the potential adopter complete the adoption at The Humane Society. Note: The adopter cannot take possession of the animal until they are granted approval by HSCTX Staff.

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What is monthly prevention medicine?

Great question! You should be sent home with 3 month's worth of your foster's monthly prevention medication. This is to prevent fleas as well as heartworms, which are a leading cause of death in dogs. State law dictates that all dogs are given heartworm prevention every month.


Please give both medicines to your dog once a month on the same day each month. When you run out, please contact your Foster Coordinator to prepare a refill for you at The Humane Society. For more information, please reference the foster handbook.

Does your foster need medical attention?

We are here to help! Foster animals are to be treated by City of Waco veterinary staff Monday - Friday by appointment through our self-booking system. If there are no appointment slots available, please contact the Foster Coordinator during regular business hours.

Only in the event of a life-threatening emergency that occurs outside of regular business hours (click the button below for examples), will we ask to take the animal to a local emergency vet facility. Please contact Foster Coordinator during the following business day to discuss the reimbursement process. 

Please see the foster handbook for more information.


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