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Our Foster Program

Interested in
becoming a Foster?

 Wouldn't it be amazing if every shelter pet could live in a foster home with a family instead of at the shelter, alone in a kennel, while they wait for their forever home? 
Boy fostering a dog.

That is our dream at HSCTX!

When animals are in foster homes, they are happy and comfortable, they have less stress, they get the chance to run and play, and they are able to interact with humans who can tell us everything we need to know about them to find them the perfect Forever Home!

Sound like something you could do?!

Fostering costs you nothing but a little room in your home and your heart. Animals don't care if you live in an apartment or a house, if you have a yard, what kind of job you have, or what time you wake up in the morning. If your home is bigger than a dog kennel, if you are willing to provide daily care and fun times for an animal who was lost or abandoned, and you are willing to help us find a forever home for that animal by bringing them to the shelter or adoption events monthly for meet and greets, then you would make a great foster home!