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Volunteers needed Monday through Saturday 9am - 6pm! 

Únase al equipo HSCTX

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at HSCTX! Whether you want to walk dogs, answer phones, greet customers, or help with off-site adoption events, we have a volunteer task for everyone! The process is easy - just follow these steps and you will be ready to volunteer. 


How to get started

We are now using GivePulse, a volunteer management platform, to track volunteer hours and communicate with our volunteers!

Create an account, request to join our page, and complete our membership application all on GivePulse.

Volunteer Orientation

Join us for mandatory Volunteer Orientation on any Saturday of your choosing! Volunteer orientation is Saturdays from 8:30am to 10:15am.

Please be dressed for hands-on training: closed-toe shoes and clothes you don't mind getting a little messy!


  • Basic Caretaking – Filling Water Bowls, Grooming

  • Cleaning – Kennels, Laundry, Dishes, Leashes, Clean/Fill Kiddie Pools

  • Organizing – Donations, Merchandise, Supplies

  • Dog Walking

  • Front Desk Support

  • Events

  • And so much more!

Levels of Dog Walking


Green Level

Immediately after volunteer orientation, your are considered a Green Volunteer and you can walk all of our entry-level dogs!

Yellow Level

​Let staff know when are ready to move up to this level! In order to be approved at the Yellow Level, you must complete 4 modules of Fear Free Shelter online training to earn a certificate, and you will be given in-person hands-on training in how to walk the more energetic dogs that may be jumpy, mouthy, or strong pullers on the leash. 


Purple Level

​After you become comfortable at the Yellow Level, you can opt to train to become an expert Purple Level Volunteer. During that time, you will work with our trained Pet Matchmakers at the shelter learning how to engage with our most challenging dogs. 

ready to make a difference?

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