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The mission of the Humane Society of Central Texas is to build a community that promotes animal welfare through compassionate services to animals and people.

Individual Membership Levels

Platinum Membership: $100/mo (or $1200/yr)
Platinum Membership provides the annual equivalent of fully funding one emergency surgery for an injured animal in need. 

Gold Membership: $75/mo (or $900/yr)
Gold Membership provides the annual equivalent of funding to replace Nylabone chews for all 115 dogs on our adoption floor.

Silver Membership: $50/mo (or $600/yr)
Silver Membership provides the annual equivalent of a full month of funding towards a leash and collar for every adoption from our shelter.

Bronze Membership: $25/mo (or $300/yr)
Bronze Memberships provides the annual equivalent of the average amount of medical aid requested per family through our Humane Animal Support Services (HASS) fund to help keep pets with the families who want them.

Business Membership Levels

Best Friend: $5000.00+

A donation of $5000.00 or greater this year gives your business “Best Friend” status with HSCTX.   During the membership year, your business will be featured on our web page as a Best Friend Business with logo and promotion. Your business will receive a special recognition plaque suitable for display. Thank you for being a true Best Friend of the HSCTX! We can not survive and continue to support our community without our Best Friend Businesses. Also, your generosity provides full funding for multiple rescue transports leading to the positive outcomes for up to 500 dogs!

Loyal Companion: $2000.00+

Businesses who support with a donation at the Loyal Companion level will be recognized on our web page with logo and promotion.  Thank you for your loyal support.  Loyal Companions help make our work possible. Also, your gift would provide 10 large dog crates for our foster community to rent for assistance in house training their shelter dog!

Buddy Business: $500.00+

Be our Buddy!  Make a donation of $500.00+ to show that your business supports the work of HSCTX.  We will add your business to our buddy list on our web page, thank you on Facebook and in our newsletter.  We love our HSCTX buddies! Also, your kindness supports over 5 sponsored adoptions from our shelter!

All membership levels receive our heartfelt gratitude!

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