Our Volunteer Program

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Please be advised that you must submit a background check to be considered as a volunteer.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at HSCTX! Whether you want to walk dogs, answer phones, greet customers, or help with off-site adoption events, we have a volunteer task for everyone! And the process is easy! Just follow these steps and you will be ready to volunteer:

Step 1: Fill out the Volunteer Interest form that is located at the bottom of this page. Once you press the "Submit" button, you will be redirected to our background check form. This form is required by the City of Waco for all volunteers. It may take ~5-7 business days to confirm you passed.


Step 2: After we receive your background check results, our Community Outreach Specialist will email you the link to sign up for a volunteer orientation. Orientation is mandatory to complete in order to volunteer.

IF YOU PLAN TO WALK DOGS as one of your volunteer activities, then you must complete 2 hours of shadowing. Afterwards, you will become a Green Level Volunteer, and you can walk all of our easy dogs! As a Green Level Volunteer, we recommend you to volunteer at least 8 hours per month.

After you walk 50 Green Level Dogs, you are eligible to become a Yellow Level Volunteer! Let staff know when are ready to move up to this level!


In order to be approved at the Yellow Level, you must complete 4 modules of Fear Free Shelter online training to earn a certificate, and you will be given in-person hands-on training in how to walk some of the more energetic dogs that may be jumpy, mouthy, or strong pullers on the leash.


As a Yellow Level Volunteer, we expect you to volunteer at least 3 hours per week so you can keep up with the skills you learned in training, and build relationships with our canine residents.

After you become comfortable at the Yellow Level, you can opt to train to become an expert Purple Level Volunteer. This level is for our most dedicated volunteers who are willing to commit to volunteering at least 6 hours per week, and take a leadership role in our programs.


In order to be approved as a Purple Level Volunteer, you will attend weekly professional training sessions with a Purple Level Dog for 3-7 weeks (at no cost to you). During that time, you will work with our Canine Behavior and Enrichment Specialist at the shelter learning how to engage with our most challenging dogs. 

Our goal is for you to have a FUN and SAFE experience volunteering at HSCTX. We require that you wear an orange HSCTX Volunteer t-shirt whenever you are at the shelter or at on off-site event, or anywhere that you are representing HSCTX - We are proud to have you as part of our team and we want to show you off!!!

If you have any questions, your main point of contact is our Community Engagement Specialist, Victoria Collins - Feel free to contact her any time at vcollins@hsctx.org.
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